May 8, 2013

Cerberus 3d printer working with Viki LCD and reading from SD card

Video showing Cerberus 3d printer using Viki LCD and printing form SD card.

How-to from video description:

Explanation for how to enable the sd card reader on a Viki when used in conjunction with Azteeg X3.

The X3 schematic is available at­ng_diagram.pdf
The Viki schematic is available at­ions.pdf

For Repetier 0.8.2 firmware the following changes are required.

Disable the onboard X3 SD card by removing J12 jumper on back of X3

Connect viki CS to X3 EXP1 D53
Connect viki CD to X3 EXP1 D49
Connect viki 'miso' to pin1 of X3 ICSP Header (DO)
Connect Viki 'Sck' to pin3 of X3 ICSP Header (CLK)
Connect Viki 'mosi' to pin4 of X3 ICSP Header (DI)
Be careful to get it right because the ICSP header has 5v on pin 2 and gnd on pin 6.

Button (BTN) is still not defined in firmware so leave it disconnected

Repetier Firmware 0.82.2 changes:

This is for AZTEEG X3 controller! Other controllers may have different pin definitions!

In configuration.h file set 
#define SDSUPPORT true
//#define SDCARDDETECT -1 (comment this line out)


In pins.h file set: (in the motherboard == 34 section)
#define RAMPS_V_1_3
#define SDPOWER -1
#define SDSS 53

#ifdef AZTEEG_X3
#define SDSUPPORT true