May 2, 2013

BerryBot Delta 3d printer and thermal containment unit

Impressive looking delta 3d printer by Mr. Berry

Tech specs from video description:
  • A one off, designed by Werner Berry
  • Platen 14"
  • Build volume 2460 sq inches.
  • Zero lash ball joints fully capable of 50 micron LH prints.
  • The hot end can be popped off the magnets (disconnected) and re-installed in less than 15 seconds. Nice for working on or color changes.
  • Filament reel mounted on top the top deck out of the way (Horizontally)
  • A simple minimal part count filament feeder that is mounted with magnets and can be removed in less then 10 seconds.
  • All aluminum frame designed with maximum cooling of the stepper motors and electronics.
  • A long cable attached LCD SD card control panel also mounted with magnets removable or mounted in 2 seconds.
  • A fully adjustable preload, highly efficient, inexpensive, structural linear rail system.
  • A rapid heat 110 volt platen.
  • Easy micro adjustable top limit switches. 
  • Integrated LED strip lighting for great illumination.

Here is his DIY thermal containment add-on. I haven't seen this kind of improvised heat chamber for prevention of warping anywhere else. He also shows printed results. Great stuff!

Update: The Dimple Die Zero-Lash Magnetic Joint End Effector

Update 2: Huge model built with almost no warping