May 15, 2013

3d printing and lost PLA metal casting tutorials

Lost PLA casting tutorial 1 by 3DTOPO:

3DTOPO gives extensive video tutorial on entire metal casting process with lost PLA method including how to use 3d printer to create molds. Wax was used for this purpose traditionally, but 3d printed objects are easy to make and PLA is easy to melt on high temperatures. Stay safe kids!

You can find more details and photo build log on the project homepage: At that page you can find the entire process explained trough step-by-step guide of casting aluminum parts to mount focusing lens for DIY 150W CO2 cutting laser. You can go from CAD models to a full aluminum parts in one day.

3d object with casting channels where molten aluminum will be pored in

Final aluminum piece mounted on laser cutter

Here is tutorial on same method, used on smaller scale for jewelry production for bronze pendant:


Someone developed a method for lost PLA metal casting where you can use home microwave:

Lost PLA casting tutorial video 2 by YT user "aonemarine":

This video is one hour long but it is very detailed overview of the entire process of casting various metal objects with lost PLA: