Apr 26, 2013

Open source watch with 3d printed case

OTM-02 is open source watch module project with DIY 3d printed case.




A non-waterproof, DIY 3D printing optimised case design is at an intermediate stage of development.
Other cases designed to be 3D printed in metal or other high-resolution materials are also being worked on as time permits.
The intention is to publish the source CAD data for at least one DIY 3D printable case design before the end of April 2013, earlier if possible.

  • Create a watch module that enables the end user to have complete control of its functionality and user interface,
  • Discover the benefits - and any detractions - of (potentially selling) a product developed from the outset in true open source hardware style,
  • Self-education,
  • Discover how much technology can be crammed into a wristwatch designed - and possibly manufactured - 'on the living room table',
  • Design a module that with only a little extra effort, could form the basis of other devices, eg cycle computer, dive computer, data logger, etc.

The project utilises the following parts and features:
  • EFM32LG332F256 - A USB enabled, Energy Micro ultra low power Leopard Gecko,
  • A 128x128 pixel (23.2 x23.2mm visible area) ultra low power Memory LCD from Sharp Microelectronics,
  • Recharge and programming via USB Micro B connector,
  • Programming via ARM Serial Wire Debug (SWD) protocol also available,
  • 150mAh Li-Po Battery + on-board battery fuel gauge IC,
  • Vibratory Motor,
  • Piezo Electric diaphragm,
  • Five miniature right-angle tact switch buttons, (By MCU pin assignment and feature-set native to the EM MCU, with minor board layout editing, provision exists for alternate UI methods such as capacitive touch buttons.),
  • Provision for a LED based planar light-guide type back light (utilising a 0.4mm high right-angle Avago ChipLED and laser engraved light guide. (N.B. This is highly experimental and yet to be fully developed. Any derivatives of OTM-02 with commercial intent should be aware this technology is heavily patented.)
  • Possible feature additions in modules developed subsequently include: accelerometer, Bluetooth LE, ANT+, GPS
Update (3.5.2014.):

Here is new OSWatch design that won Make's Arduino challenge: