Feb 15, 2013

Flomio embeds NFC into your 3d models

New service from Flomio that enables you to make your 3d printed models interact via embedded NFC tags. Effective for anti-counterfeiting, AR gaming solutions, marketing etc...


From their site:
Have a 3D solid modeled object that you want to print out with an NFC Tag embedded inside? We can help you with that.
We charge $0.50 per cm3 as well as a $4 handling fee per item. Additional is your NFC tag of your choice and shipping. Object build size must be larger than the NFC tag. We can print embedded NFC 3D objects as large as 15cm cubed.
Here’s out it works:
  1. Send us your 3D solid model file (.stl format only).
  2. Choose your build size, NFC Tag, and color plastic (white, green, or blue)
  3. We price it out and if you’re happy, we 3D print it.
  4. We test it.
  5. We mail it to you.