Feb 22, 2013

DAS RepRap - Kühling&Kühling RepRap Industrial

Here is DAS RepRap or üBER RepRap: Kühling&Kühling RepRap Industrial. It's the Mercedes Benz of RepRaps.

Demo of tool-free belt tensioning system:

  • Specifically aimed at printing ABS with zero warping, low maintenance effort through highly accessible sub assemblies
  • Rigid frame made of 20x20mm t-slot aluminium extrusion
  • Fully enclosed by acrylic and wood, doors on the front
  • A heated chamber capable of 65-70°C recirculating air temperature
  • Heated PCB print bed
  • Water cooled hot-ends and extruder steppers to ensure reliable extrusion in high ambient air temperature
  • Fully parametric design in OpenSCAD
  • Dual extruders, primarily for use with different nozzle diameters for perimeters/infill to save printing time on big objects (we are testing with 0.35mm for perimeters and 0.75mm for infill at the moment)
  • 3mm filament diameter
  • Compact, rigid parts with integrated mounting points for endstops and such
  • Activated-carbon air filter to remove unpleasant smell of molten plastic
  • Cable management
  • Semi-automatic print bed levelling makes calibrating the machine a matter of seconds
  • Z-leadscrew bearing supported on both ends, sugru spider coupling for absolutely wobble-free operation
  • 12mm precision ground shafts with LM12UU linear ball bearings on all axes (will be replaced by Igus RJMP, see below)
  • Tool-free belt tensioning with built-in thumbwheels
  • Direct-drive extruders with high torque geared stepper motors
  • Permanent printbed material (FR4) – no Kapton or PET tape needed
  • Adjustable nozzle height to align both extruders on the same level
  • 200x200x200mm build volume
  • Custom designed, precision extruder drive gears to provide enough grip on the filament in a heated enviroment
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Hotends from reprap-fab.org with 40W each for short heat up time

  • RAMPS 1.4 controller board – we will give the R.U.M.B.A. a try as soon as it is delivered.
  • Modular additional MOSFET driver boards for lights and fans
  • Brand new high power 15A MOSFET driver boards (still in development bycarbonfrog) for chamber heaters, total power >550W
  • ATX power supply 1000W
  • Water cooling based on a EHEIM/Innovatec PCPS1104 water pump

Upcoming development
  • Raspberry Pi with a 10″ capacitive touch interface for ethernet enabled standalone operation
  • Touch optimized user interface for the raspberry pi is in development
  • The frame will be revised for 30x30mm extrusions, so we can use T-slot nuts that can be swivelled in, providing much easier assembly. These nuts are poorly available for 20x20mm extrusions
  • All LM12UU linear ball bearings will be replaced by low maintenance Igus RJMP slide bearings that are rated for continuous use in 90°C ambient temperature
  • Magnetic door locks

Price: unknown, it's still under development