Nov 26, 2012

Ultimate guide to 3D printing - summary

Here is the summary of  Make Magazine "Ultimate guide to 3D printing" review of 3d printers:

-Afinia H-Series – Best Overall Experience, Easiest Setup & Easiest to Use (tie)
-Bukobot 8 - Most Innovative & Most Accurate (Runner-Up)
-Cube - Most Reliable, Easiest to Use (Tie) & Best Documentation (Tie)
-Lulzbot AO-100 – Best Documentation (Tie) & Fastest (Runner-Up)
-Printrbot LC – Best in Class (Entry Level)
-Printrbot Jr. – Best Value
-Replicator 2 – Best in Class (Premium) & Most Accurate (Runner-Up)
-Solidoodle 2 – Best Value (Runner-Up)
-Type A Series 1 – Best in Class (Midrange), Most Accurate (Runner-Up)
-Ultimaker - Best Open Hardware, Most Accurate & Fastest