Nov 27, 2012

Test your models online with

This is sooooooooo useful!  You take your model and test it online! No more failed prints, and you can do testing anywhere. Without your 3d printer.

So what can Willit 3D Print do?:

  • Test if your part has features that can be 3D printed or not
  • Visualise the surface roughness of the printed part
  • See where support is needed
  • Estimate the build time and the cost of your part
  • Calculate the carbon footprint of your part
  • Reorientate, rescale, and reposition your part
  • Export your changes (in STL or AMF)

Update: I gave it a short test. In my latest version of Firefox it failed to load file, probably a bug on my side. It works perfectly in Chrome. It still needs more simulated printers and print materials. Great tool!