Nov 26, 2012

New 3d printer - Prusa AL

One major player from Poland has a new printer out: Prusa AL with strong, sturdy laser cut aluminum frame construction. It's so ugly, that its beautiful.

Tech specs:
  • Build envelope(mm): PrusAL - 200mmX200mmX250mm (with RepRap Pro bowden)
  • PrusAL - 200mmX200mmX210mm (with classic extruder)
  • Technology: FFF 
  • Nozzle diameter (mm): 0.35 mm
  • Layer thickness (mm): <0.05 mm 
  • Speed (mm/s): standard 100mm/s - 300mm/s - rigid construction mechanics and hardware can support even faster speeds but expect some loss in print quality) 
  • Positioning precision: <0.1 mm 
  • Electronics: RAMPS 
  • Software: Rapcraft software bundle compatible with open source RepRap 
  • System compatibility: Windows / MAC / Linux 
  • Compatible print materials: ABS, PLA 
  • Weight: 16,5 LBS (7.8 KG) 
  • Power Supply: 12V International plug ready external
  • Price: $1,555 for DIY kit, $1,700 for PrusAL with classic wade extruder fully assembled, $1,777 for PrusAL with bowden fully assembled