Sep 27, 2012

3D printed 2D printers

Sounds crazy, but it is done. UVA students 3d printed most of the parts for 2d printers.

New stereolithogaphy 3d printer - Form 1

Form 1 affordable prosumer stereolithograpy 3d printer by Formlabs. They got all the funding in one day ... and then some. Technology sure is advancing rapidly ...

Be sure to check their Kickstarter page for detailed specifications:

Sep 25, 2012

3d print farms - how to make money with your 3d printers?

Recently I saw large and small 3d printer farms on several sites, like this one with fleet of Ultimakers

I was wondering what was their purpose and it seems it is mostly commercial one. Owners use them to print parts for other 3d printers and sell them, print models for individual customers, print series of models for various entities and purposes (conferences, promotional material 3d objects etc.). I don't have the figures, but it seems like the sector is growing fast. Maybe I'm wrong.  Do you know of someone running 3d print farm? What is their business model?

Laywoo - 3d printable wood

New advancement in 3d printing filament. This filament has wood added in it and has some interesting aesthetic and technical properties.

LAYWOO-3D is a printable wood for reprap 3D-printers (that lay down layers of molten material)
This new filament allows to print wood polymer composite (wpc) objects with annual rings - and that without warp !
- zero warp
- rough or smooth surface possible during one print
- paintable-able, grindable - printable tree-rings
- print temp: from 185°C bright to 230°C dark appearence, stics well on print bed, no heated bed necessary
- the filament contains 40% recycled wood

Kamermaker - extra large 3d printer

Sep 19, 2012

MakerBot Replicator 2 is out!

Bigger printing, same size, metal box, 2199$, 100 micron resolution, MakerBotPLA ...

Update: It looks like it's moving away from open source, interesting debate on Hackaday.