Feb 20, 2012

Enrico Dini 3d printed houses

Big big 3d printer printing 3d buildings of complex construction by Enrico Dini.


Here is new interview with Enrico Dini about 3d printing for reef conservation:


Feb 15, 2012

New 3d printer: Tantillus

It looks like every time I turn my computer on there is a new printer out.
Introducing: Tantillus
It is self replicating and the main feature is that two machines can be connected to print using the same electronics. 

More info can be found on:

New 3d printer: Quantum ORD Bot

The Quantum ORD Bot is out. It is 3D printer  platform made from MakerSlide linear bearing. It is extremely ridged and very easy to build. The design can easily be scaled in X,Y and/or Z by simply changing the Makerslide lengths plus belt and leadscrew lengths. This is the mini or 'Quantum' version. The parts other than MakerSlide are either off the shelf standard items or easily fabricate with a laser cutter, 3D printer or CNC router. The price is around 500$.

Download the design here

Link fir more details:

Feb 10, 2012

The FreeD handheld 3d manufacturing device

Innovative handheld 3d milling device. It is held in hand and computer controlled to stop when it reaches the outlines of the 3d object. It looks that the handheld  3d printer is also in making.