Dec 8, 2011

3d printed ATM skimmer found

Looks like someone used 3d printer to print out very realistically looking ATM parts to read out card data and capture PIN numbers. Skimmer was found in July of 2011 on Chase Bank ATM in West Hills, California.
IMHO: I somehow see criminals using it as sign of 3d printing technology paradigm changing power

More pictures and info on:

Dec 3, 2011

3d diy printer problemsolving: How to prevent bending when printing big objects

Thanks to youtube user JMEMetzel's instuction video, here is an interesting way to prevent warping or bending when 3d printing large objects on your diy 3d machine. Problem happens when there is a difference in cooling of ABS plastic due to a size of a printed object. He solved it by placing holes and notches to avoid big differences in cooling of large model.

Objet new materials

Presentation on Objet industrial 3d printers new materials. It includes human head model that shows various 3d print qualities and working 3d printed violin.

3d printing systems desktop printer

Another 3d printer I found from "3d printing systems". Seems like new 3d startups are everywhere.