Nov 29, 2011

3d printed car parts by Objet

Video of Objet presentation models. There are printed on industral scale 3d printers, but still the technology is fascinating.
Video shows regular size fully functioning car dashboard printed, glued and painted. The joints on it are moving and everything looks very solid and detailed. After it, the functioning 3d printed car part is shown followed by some 3d prited industrial molds and skateboard. In the end there is working 3d printed hand drill.
First thing that came to my mind after watching it was how much I paid for some replacement plastic parts for my 2001 A-class. Few broken small handles and plating for seat adjustment. Too much I can tell you, not to mention I waited for them two weeks. I have a feeling that it would be much cheaper if technology was wider spread since the resolution needed to print those parts I needed is achievable by today's diy 3d printers.

It is taken on EuroMold with Jonathan Jaglom Objet VP of Sales Operations.