Nov 29, 2011

3d printing with metal

Metal 3d printing. Looks complicated (even if its not). Heavy machinery, multiple stage process, models are fragile at early stage. Still, I can imagine it is much harder to get metal object with complex aesthetics using "regular" methods of metal work.

New RepRap print quality advancement

New advancement in RepRap print quality (with non-standard nozzle).

Quality - Open Source for the Win (Part Deux)

A short while ago Neil posted here about the way RepRap 3D print quality is starting to knock spots off the proprietary competition.

Well.  This blog is not the place for RepRap spinoff company Ra Ra, so I have left it until our sales campaign here is just about over before making this post.  (And no - I couldn't manage to resist abusing my position and including the link.)

Jean-Marc just printed Misguided's Screw Cup from Thingiverse (above) on one of our RepRapPro Huxleys in ABS.  We used a non-standard 0.3mm nozzle  (standard is 0.5mm) and a layer height of 0.1mm.  It took a while under those conditions, of course - 5 hours.

But check out this surface finish under the microscope:

The line is a 60-micron human hair (selflessly donated by Christine Bowyer under only mild protest; as those aware of my appearance will know, I am incapable of providing such a sample myself).

We think that the quality we're getting is rather good...

3d printed car parts by Objet

Video of Objet presentation models. There are printed on industral scale 3d printers, but still the technology is fascinating.
Video shows regular size fully functioning car dashboard printed, glued and painted. The joints on it are moving and everything looks very solid and detailed. After it, the functioning 3d printed car part is shown followed by some 3d prited industrial molds and skateboard. In the end there is working 3d printed hand drill.
First thing that came to my mind after watching it was how much I paid for some replacement plastic parts for my 2001 A-class. Few broken small handles and plating for seat adjustment. Too much I can tell you, not to mention I waited for them two weeks. I have a feeling that it would be much cheaper if technology was wider spread since the resolution needed to print those parts I needed is achievable by today's diy 3d printers.

It is taken on EuroMold with Jonathan Jaglom Objet VP of Sales Operations.

Printrbot - new player on diy 3d printing scene

It seems that there is new diy 3d printing project emerging: Printrbot by Brook Drumm.

Main advantages:
  • 45 minute assembly time
  • less than 2 hours from starting the build to first print
  • price under $500, electronics and motors included
  • uses derivative of Wade's extruder
  • Sanguinololu electronics
  • most of the supporting structure printed
Great development, it's good to see new improvements, diversity and evolution.

Printrbot in action:

Printrbot Calibration Test Prints pt05 from Printr Bot on Vimeo.

Printrbot-Mystery-Print from Printr Bot on Vimeo.

Nov 22, 2011

3d printed aircraft from University of Southampton

Engineers at the University of Southampton have designed and flown the first 3d printed aircraft. Nice project!
It was printed on EOS EOSINT P730 industrial 3d printer. Hopefully someone will create something similar for DIY crowd.

Here are some videos:


SULSA drone is now launched from the Royal Navy battleship:

Nov 21, 2011

3d plant seed bomb

I have seen this design several times but never took more detailed look. The idea behind it is great: fill the bomb with plant seeds and drop it on soil somewhere. Since the case is 3d printed in water solvable and bio degradable PVA plastic, the outer shell will dissolve and plants will begin to grow. It is F-bomb by tbuser.

On Thingiverse:

Filckr photo gallery:

Other seed bombs:

Nov 20, 2011

Printing working model multitool on industrial 3d printer

I am fan of multitools. Many functions in one package. Transformers of tool world.
This is a video of functioning multitool model with moving components being printed on industial 3d printer. I can see that material innovations will drive 3d printing technology and vice versa. I hope to see similar 3d print quality on diy or home 3d printers in 2-3 years. Or maybe sooner?

Nov 18, 2011

DIY 3d milling of magnetic fields

I just stumbled upon this video on boingboing. One of their collaborators made this great thing. Making the invisible solid. The technology and application is advancing as the perception and creativity around it grow.


Hi. Welcome. I just decided to start up this blog and share stuff I find interesting in 3d printing realm.
I am fascinated by this technology. Sooooooooooooooooo, here we go .... DIY 3D PRINTING RULEZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ .....