May 17, 2017

Three Hyper Cool 3D Printed Chairs

Here are three 3d printed chairs that look very futuristic and HYPER cool. They will probabyl find their place in some modern art gallery or in a tech billionaires mansion.

Voxel chair v1.0 by the Bartlett's Design Computation Lab

Source and more info:

Lilian van Daal's  Biomimicry chair

Source and more info:

Jungsub Shim's Connect chair made by hand with 3d printing pen

Source and more info:

Well, they look cool, but are they comfortable? I doubt it. I'm actually pretty certain that they are almost unusable. I like my cheap Chinese faux-leather lazy-boy copy, chewed out by my dogs, where I can chillax with beer and chips in front of the TV.