May 7, 2017

SelfCAD is a new browser based CAD and slicer software

SelfCAD is a new browser based CAD and slicer application with many powerful features but focused on simplicity and usability. It has a subscription based model with a free trial and has a somewhat high cost for the benefit it provides.

Here is how SelfCAD is described:
SelfCAD 's mission is to make 3D designing and printing accessible to everyone, including professional designers, as well as hobbyists and students who have little to no prior expertise using CAD/CAM software. One of the greatest achievements of SelfCAD is its simplicity and a low entry price point. Advanced shapes can be created within minutes using various shape creators.
SelfCAD is an online browser-based CAD/CAM platform which allows the you to model, sculpt, slice and print online. With SelfCAD, you do not have to spend months learning complex software and pay hundreds of dollars for the privilege. SelfCAD is about simplicity, affordability and accessibility. Learn, create, and print objects in a fraction of the time required with traditional CAD/CAM software.

SelfCAD introduction video:

Here is one of the feature demonstrations focusing on 3d screw generator:

Slicer video tutorial:

You can check it out at:

SelfCAD has a very active YouTube channel with many tutorials and feature demonstrations:

SelfCAD on YouTube

Here is an interview with the CEO and founder, Aaron Breuer:

Podcast interview on 3D Start Point:

SelfCAD user interface