May 4, 2017

Marlin 1.1 released!!!

The new Marlin 1.1 firmware has been released with many new features and upgrades!

Here is the description from github site: Marlin 1.1 Release Notes

"Marlin 1.1 represents an evolutionary leap over Marlin 1.0.2. It is the result of over two years of effort by several volunteers around the world who have paid meticulous and sometimes obsessive attention to every detail. For this release, we focused on code quality, performance, stability, and overall user experience. Several new features have also been added, many of which require no extra hardware.

The code has been significantly optimized in several areas, leading to fewer stutters, better delta performance, more reliable USB/Serial communication, and more consistent and deterministic results."

Key improvements are:
  • More consistent configuration with sanity-checking.
  • Many more boards supported, with sane defaults for most common features. Improved thermal protection, enabled by default with tight margins for error.
  • Improved Auto Bed Leveling with Bilinear Mesh and probeless operation.
  • Unified Bed Leveling™ – Combining all forms of bed leveling in one package, plus tools like G26 Mesh Validation to improve leveling accuracy even further.
  • Option to "fade" leveling compensation out over several layers to save computes on long prints.
  • Support for up to 5 extruders with different geometries.
  • Support for mixing and switching extruders. Linear Advance compensates for viscosity and pressure to reduce ooze and improve surfaces.
  • Dozens of languages including Japanese, Galician, and Simplified Chinese.
  • Significantly improved UI performance, especially Graphical Display.
  • Display rate adjusts dynamically to prevent print stuttering.
  • M600 Filament Change, Nozzle Clean, Nozzle Park, Auto Park on Pause, etc.
  • Improved support for Bed Leveling probes and Manual Probing.
  • Support for Trinamic steppers, i2c control, steppers as endstops.
  • Endstops can use pin interrupts for improved performance.
  • M43 Pins Debugging to report about, test, and monitor pins and endstops.
  • Print Job Timer
  • Sorted SD Card file listings.
  • Improved host integration, extended capabilities report, keepalive messages, auto-report temperature, and more!
  • Integrated I2C Bus allowing Marlin to interoperate on multiple boards.
  • Support for Case Light, RGB LED, LED Strip. Printer events feedback.
  • New features too numerous to list here. Read the config files for details!
For complete Marlin documentation and downloads go to the Marlin Homepage:

GitHub repository: