Mar 11, 2017

R-CNC DIY CNC Mill with 3D Printed Parts

RoMaker from France developed and published the R-CNC mill plans. It is made from 3d printed parts and aluminum structure elements. It looks easy to make with well documented build instructions. The cost of it should be relatively affordable and cheap to make. Eletronics is based on Ramps 1.4

Other key features:
  • It also has 4 rubber pads at each angle, anti-vibration and anti scratch.
  • The electronics are integrated into the machine and it has a front USB port to connect a computer to the Ramps 1.4 if necessary without dismantling everything.
  • Clean installation thanks to dragchains
  • The pressure of all bearings on the square tubes is fully adjustable
  • Very high torque for Y moving thanks to a nema motor 23 multiplied by 3 with pulley 20×60 teeth
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Easy mounting with printable drilling templates
  • Tested successfully on wood and plastic at 700mm / min and passes of 2mm, the measurements are perfect at 5 / 100th of mm, the diagonals of the squares are equal, the round ones are round!

Thingiverse page:

Project homepage with detailed descriptions and instructions: