Feb 5, 2017

Jebediah the DIY 3D Printable Quadruped Robot

TogleFritz developed a futuristic four legged robot you can make with some basic 3d printing and electronics skills. 

Project description:
Jeb is a quadruped robot that the code in this repository is designed to control. Quadruped robots are robots with four legs. Jeb is designed with three degrees of freedom per leg. Each leg is actuated by three servos. The first servo moves the leg forward/backward, the second servo moves the leg up and down, and the third servo bends the leg in the middle. With four legs and three servos per leg, the robot is driven by 12 servos in total.

Jebediah looks cool (in an insectoid kinda way):

Detailed build guide;


GitHub repository of the project with all the files and other information:


Code is at:


  • The microcontroller used is a Botboarduino
  • The servo controller is an SSC-32U
  • For input the robot uses a wireless Platstation 2
  • This repository also includes a library for using NeoPixel LED lighting products from Adafruit.