Feb 24, 2017

First Space 3D Printed Art Piece

Astronauts on International Space Station 3d printed a first space art object named "Laugh".

From project description:
#Laugh is a collaboration between Israeli artist Eyal Gever and the California-based company Made In Space, which owns and operates the Additive Manufacturing Facility (AMF), the ISS' commercially available 3D printer.

The project began Dec. 1, 2016, when Gever and his team launched an app that converts the sound waves of users' laughter into a digital 3D model, or "laugh star." More than 100,000 people generated their own laugh stars throughout December, Made In Space representatives said.

App users then voted on their favorite laugh star. The winner was Naughtia Jane Stanko of Las Vegas, whose model was beamed up to the ISS and printed out Friday

Laugh 3d printed sculpture floating in ISS microgravity with Earth showing trough the observation window. Source: NASA

Source article with much more information: