Sep 27, 2016

World's Largest 3D Print from ORNL

Oak Ridge National Laboratory made the world's larges 3D print that was recognized by Guinness World Records.

From project description:
Researchers at the MDF have 3D-printed a large-scale trim tool for a Boeing 777X, the world’s largest twin-engine jet airliner. The additively manufactured tool was printed on the Big Area Additive Manufacturing, or BAAM machine over a 30-hour period. The team used a thermoplastic pellet comprised of 80% ABS plastic and 20% carbon fiber from local material supplier

The tool has proven to decrease time, labor, cost and errors associated with traditional manufacturing techniques and increased energy savings in preliminary testing and will undergo further, long term testing.

Here is the time-lapse video of the process and it looks impressive:

ORNL homepage: