Sep 17, 2016

Single Actuator Wave-like 3D Printed Robot

SAW is a 3d printed robot that can crawl, swim and climb using wave motions with only one motor. And it looks creepy.

From project description:
SAW (single actuator wave-like robot) is the first robot that produces a pure wave-like motion with a single motor. The robot was developed for medical, industrial and search and rescue purposes. The design is simple, 3D printed and the passive wheels are for steering only. In the movie we show that the robot can crawl over different surfaces, climb and swim. It reached a maximum speed of 57 cm/s which is 5 times faster than any other similar robot.
The robot's design is simply and highly reliable very little maintenance was needed.
The robot's motion is similar to the "do the worm" dance.
The robot was developed at the Bioinspired and medical Robotics lab at BGU by David Zarrouk, Moshe Mann, Nir Dgani, Ilanit Waxman, Tal Yehuda, Nissan Jerbi and Amotz Hess.

Research paper: