Sep 18, 2016

MADspace Advanced Robotics System 3D Printable Rover

The MADspace Advanced Robotics System (M.A.R.S.) rover is a 3D printable space exploration rover. It can be used in education, DIY science and development.

Key features:
  • 6 driven wheels of which 4 can steer (pod wheels)
  • Rocker bogie suspension (semi-active, 2 shoulder servos)
  • Gyroscope
  • 16 channel I2C PWM driver
  • Raspberry Pi
  • 2 logitech c270 webcams with pan/tilt
  • Web interface written in
  • Two 10Ah 5V battery packs, one for drive and one for logic.
Here is the video of first rover movements:

Project homepage with all the parts and instructions:

MARS was developed in Eindhoven MADspace by:

  • Paul Wagener (lead software)
  • Tom Geelen (Embedded control and mathematics)
  • Serdar Yildirim (all round)
  • Guus van der Sluijs (Project leader and lead mechanical)