Sep 29, 2016

3D Printed Construction Mesh Structures

Here are some examples how 3d meshes can be used to reinforce building structures. This technique is probably much more useful and applicable then cement paste extrusion.

Mesh Mould uses steel wire:

Project description:
The research project Mesh Mould investigates the unification of reinforcement and formwork into a single robotically fabricated material system. During the first research phase a spatial robotic extrusion process was developed, allowing to examine the interdependencies of mesh typology and rheological behavior of concrete (see Mesh Mould 2012 - 2014).
The second research phase at the National Competence Centre in Research (NCCR) Digital Fabrication focuses on the translation of the structurally weak polymer-based extrusion process into a fully load-bearing construction system. The current research focuses on the development of a fully automated bending and welding process for meshes fabricated from 3 mm steel wire.
The research involves the development of a fabrication-, and structurally-informed mesh typology as well as the subsequent collaborative development of a specialized robotic end-effector together with the Agile & Dexterous Robotics Lab of Professor Jonas Buchli.
More information on this project can be found at:

digiFABTuring and their robot arm attached plastic extruder which is more similar to common 3d printheads and could be done in a home workshop:

Here is a complete wall system with 3d printed polymer matrix made by Branch Technology:

They 3D printed a 7-foot-tall-by-3-foot-wide wall in 30 hours, and are currently extruding at a rate of 1.5 pounds per hour. The wall has a spray foam insulation, concrete core and inside/outside finish layer.

More info: