Sep 28, 2016

3D Printed and Laser Cut Open Source DIY Air Purifier

Ian van Mourik, a product designer from the Netherlands developed and open sourced an air purifier anyone can make. It is autonomous since it is controlled with Arduino and uses simple fans to move air trough particle filters and activated carbon.
It costs around 70 Euro. It has some laser cut parts from plywood but you could cut them manually or use different structural support since they are mostly decorative.
Looks like a great solution to improve your home air quality by removing dust and destroy mold particles or pollen (which I'm allergic to). Just keep in mind to change the filters or upgrade them with HEPA. Carbon filters get used up relatively fast.

Here is the video presentation:

Detailed build instructions can be found at:

3d printed air purifier parts that hold carbon and dust filters with fans that push the air