May 11, 2016

Peachy Printer Drama

Well, if you funded Peachy Printer Kickstarter, you may have funded someones house. Looks like most of funds were taken and misappropriated by one of the partners.

Here is the video describing the situation.

Crowdfunding and Kickstartering 3d printing campaigns will take a huge blow after this. Trust of community and backers towards any project will be hard to develop.

Looks like police has been involved, maybe we will see some solution of this in the future.

Peachy Printer homepage with detailed description of the current events:

Peachy Printer KS update about the situation:

Here is Richard's take on the entire scandal:

He opens many new questions ...

Angus and his take on this situation:

Angus is right in his opinion that Kickstarter as a platform always get their cut but never take any responsibility for the aftermath of a campaign.

Post where I saw it first:

Guess where the blue part went?