May 13, 2016

DICE: small, fast and strong!

Rene Jurack developed the DICE, a small surprise among all the simillar designs of new machines. It is compact, very rigid and very fast featuring many interesting solutions.

Check out the technical specifications, you will be intrigued:

  • casing: 20x20x20cm small 
  • build volume: X90 Y75 Z 80 
  • movable distance: X98 Y75 Z80, so the print head can move beside the print bed, e.g. for anti-ooze-scripts at print start core XY-system 
  • linear movement with high quality linear rails (HIWIN MGN9R) in X, Y, Z full metal hotend E3D-V6 1,75mm in bowdensetup 
  • PEI-coated perma-printbed made out of precision-milled warmcasted aluminium ( EN AW 5083 ) and recessed silicone heater  direct-drive-extruder (MK8) 
  • massive enclosure milled out of 4mm thick akuminium, all bores in DXF included
  • XY-plain is laser cut out of 2mm thick stainless steel sheet, all bores in DXF included 
  • enclosure-sheets are conceived as load-bearing and stiffing parts, but can be dismantled all together without the printer falling apart. 
  • all parts are designed in a way to make adjustings easy and the components inside accessible. 
  • all parts are designed to use only one needed manufacturing technique (lasercutting) and are repeating and symmetrically
  • AZSMZ-mini 32bit-controllerboard with smoothieware firmware 
  • 4x most silent TMC2100 stepperdrivers, passive cooled 
  • despite the small footprint, use of full-fledged NEMA17 steppermotors for sufficient output reserve 
  • heated bed (230V / 60W), with recessed silicone heater 
  • motor supply voltage: 19V 
  • total power input: 230V / 0,65A at max
  • more silent than 40dB in realistical and normal operation (unadorned measures!) 
  • up to 833mm/s travelspeed 
  • up to 12.000mm/s² acceleration 
  • not until 10.000mm/s² acceleration and 100mm/s, ghosting becomes barely visible 
  • junction deviation up to 0,5mm tested 
  • the complete X-carriage (real print-setup) weighs only 160g 
  • the complete X- and Y-carriages with all mounted parts (real print-setup) weighs only 290g 
  • Hotend mounted with 2 screws, fast interchangeable 
  • bowdenlength is only 35cm (complete from MK8 to the thermal barrier in the hotend)

Here are some basic videos showing the DICE working:

Instructables page with extremely detailed build log including step-by-step videos for each segment (German language with english subtitles):

Project homepage:

Price is unknown but detailed BOM exists.