May 9, 2016

3D Printed Meliponines Honeycomb

Brothers Fausto and Germano Penello from Brazil developed a 3d printable stingless bee honeycomb which provides a home and reproduction place for wild bees. Since natural habitat of many useful insect species is in danger and there are few opportunities for them in urban environment, this type of ecological micro habitat is more than welcome.
For the hive carrying the combs Fausto used a simple DIY wooden beehive, but he will 3d print one in the future.

Here you can see the 3d printed honeycomb and larval cells, which means that the bees have started their colony.

As many of my family members are beekeepers and I myself am going to beekeeper school, I can testify that bees and other pollinating insects are extremely important for our ecosystem. if they go, they are taking humanity with them! So be king to our six-legged winged friends!

Full tutorial can be seen here: