Apr 18, 2016

When someone re-invents the wheel with some 3D printing help

OK, it's a skateboard wheel, but it is designed as a strange combination o cube and sphere and other stuff ... they were 3d printed and polyurethane casted 
I'm not even sure how they work and I never rode a skateboard in my life :-) but they look cool!

From video description:
A fascinating interview with David Patrick from Shark Wheels. David explains how the latest techniques in Rapid Prototyping helped him in the process of developing his unique product; Shark Wheels.
It's a wheel that comes from a cube: the Shark Wheel shape is a perfect cube and a perfect circle and a perfect sine wave!
The Shark Wheel geometry is the intersection of a cube, a sphere, and a three-dimensional sine wave. It is based on the shape of shark jaws and is a pattern found all throughout nature. David M. Patrick discovered the shape while studying natural sciences, and has since been developing the Shark Wheel to be a more efficient wheel with superior performance in many ways. David's passion for skateboarding coupled with his interest of the natural world have led to the discovery of the Shark Wheel.
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Shark wheels homepage: