Apr 24, 2016

nUnitled 3D Printer and Giova's Extruder from Italy

nUnitled 3d printer and Giova's extruder are DIY  machines developed in 2015 from Italy which are low cost and feature some interesting solutions.
The main feature of this project is its anti-wobble system which consists in the separation of Y and Z axis from Z screws. Y axis can moves freely on Z axis, because it's leaning on Z screws. This innovation avoids the transmission of Z screws wobble to Z axis.
This machines has wooden support structures.
Giova's extruder aims to be light and low-cost extruder based on the cheap 28BYJ-48 motor. It is relatively weak but it works.
Third party reviews are not yet available.

Here is the presentation video:

You can find all the files for the printer and extruder: