Apr 27, 2016

LiteFab Open Source DLP 3D Printer

LiteFab is an rugged open source DLP 3D printer you can build yourself at a low cost and which comes with an excellent step-by-stem construction guide.
The cost for this project is some 400-500 USD plus the DLP projector which you can buy new or used which will cost you some 50 - 1000 USD extra. For this build the developer used Acer h6510bd.

The supporting structure is made from CNC cut wood, aluminum rails and 3d printed parts. It looks very hackable, which is encouraged by the developer.

This machines is developed by Instructables user that goes by name of bongoboy23. Cool name bro! Thnx for this project!

Some of the features of this design:
  • Quick removable vat
  • FlexVat design means no secondary action needed for peeling parts off vat. For example, the Form1 pulls the vat down on one side to peel parts off the vat. The FEP film used in a flexvat, being flexible, peels as it flexes. This film also has a much longer lifetime then standard vats, which means less often replacement of the vat.
  • Quick removable bed
  • Adaptable for use with any projector 
  • Large vat allows for a large build area
  • Nice open area for easy access to components, for easier maintenance and modification
  • Opensource! All the design files are provided. 

Resin vat with DLP projector underneath which solidifies the resin with UV light. 

LiteFab has a very detailed build guide with all the files at:


Knight and a Rook. Very detailed and fine. 

Objects printed on LiteFab. Looking good ...