Apr 15, 2016

DIY Power Hacksaw made with 3D Printed Parts

Bruno made his own DIY powered hacksaw with many 3d printed parts. it is a low cost home tool which can even cut some metal. The total cost for the project is some 50 USD.

Bill Of Materials

  • 6x – 608 Roller skate bearings 
  • 2x -100mm 8mm all thread rod. 
  • 5x - M8 bolts. 
  • 1x - 40mm M8 bolt 
  • 2x – 6mm ID. 15mm OD bearing (had these laying around) find what you can, modify the files as necessary. 
  • 1x - 60mm shaft (matches the bearings) 
  • 12x - wood screws 
  • 1x plank of wood. Approx. 300mm x 450m 
  • 3x Spacer wood 2x4 is what I used. ~ 50mmx100mm 
  • 1x – Geared Globe Motors Model number 409A502 
  • 1x – 19v PSU 
  • 1x – 5A switch 
  • 1x – Ikea $7 table leg, or 50mmx50mmx400mm chunk of wood.

Here is the saw in action:

Here it is cutting steel:

Bruno's homepage:


You can get all the files here: