Apr 24, 2016

3D Printed PMG Generator for DIY Wind Turbines

Brian developed a 3d printable DIY PMG generator ideal for producing electricity from small wind turbine.
You will need some disc magnets and copper wire, but you will get a functioning generator. It can produce up to 50 watts at high RPMs.

Here is the generator being assembled and tested:

Here are four generators mounted on a modular multi-blade wind turbine in a strong wind:

The files and manual are not free, but come at reasonable 35 USD:


There are several other non-printable DIY generators on that page so it's a good resource for anyone interested in home-made wind power.

If you are looking for larger DIY generator of the same type for bigger diameter wind turbines, there is a complete manual in PDF format that can be found at:

https://www.scoraigwind.com/pmgbooklet/itpmg.pdf (remember to click the captcha that you are not a robot).
It gives out much more power, but you will need some heavier woodworking, bigger magnets, resin and longer blades and higher tower.