Feb 27, 2016

Zowi Open Source 3D Printed Robot

Zowi is an open source robot developed by Javier Isabel. It is small, simple and cheap to make so it's ideal for education. Since it uses an Arduino or a simillar controller it is very hackable and programmable.

It uses the following vitamins:
  • 4 Futaba 3003 servos or compatibles
  • 6 M3x10 Bolts (ISO 4762)
  • 2 M3x10 Bolts (ISO 10642)
  • 8 M3x12 Bolts (ISO 4762)
  • 8 M3x16 Bolts (ISO 4762)
  • 22 M3 nuts (ISO 4032)
  • 1 BQ ZUM BT328 or Arduino
  • 4 x 2 AAA Battery holder
  • 8 AAA bateries
All the files and instructions to make it can be found at:


Different modifications and designs submitted by the community can be found at:


One of the visually more interesting modifications developed by the community

Zowi is further development of BOB robot.