Feb 7, 2016

rBot 3D Printable CNC Mill with IKEA Work Surface

Michael Reitter developed a homemade 3D printable CNC mill which uses a IKEA MALM table as working surface. Probably the coolest IKEA hack ever.

rBot in action:

You can learn more about it and get all the information needed to build it at project homepage:


All the files for 3d printing the parts:


Someone note in the comments that this is a CNC router. So, what is a different between CNC mill and CNC router?

"A CNC router will usually have a large X and Y range and short Z... A router will typically be able to do soft materials like wood, plastic, and maybe aluminum... But overall, it won't have the most rigid structure (like this one which is 3d printed)

A CNC Mill will have a relatively smaller X and Y with a larger Z than a router... A mill will be able to cut hard materials like steel... And thus will have a very rigid structure so that it can accurately cut those materials."

More info at: