Feb 4, 2016

David's Completely Custom rPrint 3D Printer

David has developed his own 3d printer with almost all parts that are custom made including electronics and software.  Kudos David!

It is wrapped into a nice bubble enclosure:

Short project description:
David tells us how he designed his rPrint 3D printer, the printer for pirates!
A university project he has been working on for the last 9 months.
Everything is custom, including the world's lightest weight direct drive extruder head, Sarrus linkage build plate, linear rail guides, and his awesome bubble enclosure.
Not to mention his own custom controller, gcode interpreter, and highly optimised C++ string libraries.
Very detail video worth watching f you are deep into 3d printeting mechanics and electronics:

EEVBlog forum thread about this printer:


More written details: