Jan 23, 2016

Titan Robotics Atlas Large Format 3D printer is a BEAST!

Titan Robotics makes custom 3d printers as big as their customers want them.  They have presented their mighty Atlas large format printer that can make some serious FDM objects. I'm looking forward to see their next generation machines.

Technical specifications:

  • FDM 3D Printer
  • Standard Model-30x30x45 inch build space (762mm x 762mm x 1143mm) -$19,500
  • Atlas 2.0-36x36x48 inch build space (915mm x 915mm x 1220mm) -$24,000 
  • Moving table design
  • Precision machined steel frame
  • 32 Bit Smoothieboard 4X or 5x with ReprapDiscount Graphic LCD -8GB SD Card
  • Simplify 3D (software settings included)
  • 110V at 18amps or 220V Heated bed at 9 Amps
  • Prints most FDM style materials-ABS, PLA, PETG, Nylon, TPE Ninjaflex +many more
  • Driven by 16mm lead ground recirculating ball screws for virtually zero backlash
  • Size 15mm profiled linear rails and preloaded runner blocks
  • Stepper speed – Rapid travel up to 150mm/s 
  • Servo speed – Rapid Travel up to 600mm/s (highly recommended)
  • IGUS Cableflex cables and cable guides rated for minimum 2,000,000 Cycles
  • Bulldog XL extruder capable of using 3mm filament.
  • Hexagon hot end with a .7mm nozzle. (swappable from .4mm-1mm)
  • 350W or 450W Power supply
  • 2 Days of Installation labor is included as well warranty on all items deemed defective from 1 Year date of purchase
  • Unlimited free customer phone service
  • Full documentation with user manuals and electrical schematics are included with the purchase of a machine
  • Each machine can be adapted and custom made according to the customer’s specifications.

Standard Model:
  • $19,500 – 30x30x45 inch build space (762mm x 762mm x 1143mm)
  • $24,000 – 36x36x48 inch build space (915mm x 915mm x 1220mm)
Optional Additions:
  • +$300 – Additional 25.4mm of stroke on each axis
  • +$5,000 – Yaskawa Closed loop AC Servo option
  • +$1,000 – Dual extruder
  • +$11,500 – 14GA Sheet metal enclosure with embedded heating system and PID Controller for ABS Prints

Here are they on CES 2016:

Here is the Atlas printing a coffee table:

Company homepage:


Atlas 3d printer homepage:


I like the raw industrial design. Simple and utilitarian.