Jan 19, 2016

Printocracy Quotation Web Application For Your 3D Printing Business

Printocracy started as a quoting aggregator for 3D printing, uploading and quoting parts through iMaterialise, Shapeways, Scuplteo and other services. Soon they found out that there was a needs for small / mid-size service bureaus to quote parts for their own customers and drive traffic to their sites.

They developed an web based application that acts lik a backend CMS for your service bureau. After putting in some information about the 3D printers you have, the materials you offer and the finishes you provide, your customers can upload, repair and get quote for any model they want printed.

After building your shop on the backend through Printocracy manufacturer portal, you can drop one script tag onto your site and it will render a customizable quoting interface right on the page.

They have big plans to put in some quoting parameters that that take into account overhead costs, depreciation, error rates, support material, square footage, etc...

Currently it is in Beta and you can join in while it lasts, with 50 tester accounts for the closed Beta beginning in March. They will go live in next few months. 

Printocracy homepage: