Jan 10, 2016

Polaroid enters the market with ModelSmart 250S 3d printer

Polaroid enters the 3d printing market with their ModelSmart 250S 3D printer. It also has a very costly proprietary print system but prints only PLA and PL variants.

Polaroid ModelSmart 250S 3D printer technical specifications:
  • Single extruder
  • Max model size 250(w) x 150(h) x 150(d) mm
  • Nozzle 0.4mm
  • Print speed 50mm/s (default) and can be set between 20mm/s and 100mm/s
  • Vertical resolution (layer height) 50 – 350 micron
  • Camera inside printer: minimum resolution 640 x 480, connected to LAN over WiFi, access via phone App or browser from anywhere with internet access
  • Unique Polaroid software for importing of 3D models from library or .stl file type
  • Run independently without the need of a computer via the LCD touchscreen
  • Accurate auto calibration
  • 12 month manufacturer’s guarantee (except where local regulations require otherwise)
  • MAC and Windows compatible
  • Connectivity: WiFi for network and USB for printing and firmware update
  • Filament cartridges: Nine PLA colours (Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange, Lime, Black, White, Silver) and Wood
  • Colour consistency every print
  • Designed specifically for the ModelSmart 250S 3D to ensure highest quality output
  • Unique bi-directional smartchip mechanism identifies filament levels and ensures correct material is used
  • Proprietary Helpful Printer Driver® software for convenient consumables re-ordering and reseller benefits
  • Revolutionary Z-Axis sheets for effortless application, adhesion and removal
  • Transparent double-sided adhesive material applied to print bed
  • Consistent and robust first layer adhesion
  • Effortlessly applied and when removed leaves bed area clean and ready to print
  • Optimises highest quality outputs with smooth and blemish-free models
  • Reduces premature wear-and-tear on print head
  • Price: unknown
  • Reviews are not available at this moment

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The "expensive surprise" is:
The 250S’s print surface is not heated, so we asked how adhesion is accomplished. It turns out that you must apply a special double-sided adhesive sheet to the print bed - ON EVERY PRINT! In other words, every print requires a new sheet, even if the print fails. The price of the sheets was said to be USD$30 per 15 sheets, or about USD$2 per print!
This is an epic fail. Such a bad business model ... Guys, stop ripping your customers off ...