Jan 6, 2016

GCodePrintr V2.5 released!

GCodePrintr  is a very useful app developed by Mathias Dietz and it is now released in version 2.5!

New features are:
  • Tasker Integration 
  • New 3d View 
  • New Tutorial guide 
  • German translation 
  • New "Recent Files" dialog 
  • New "Fit to Screen" Zoom feature
  • New Macros - Filament change macro 
  • Move aside when pause 
  • New "Print completion Dialog" and Sharing feature
  • Easy way to enter Temperatures 
  • Macro special keywords 
  • CH341 serial chip support 
  • Support for non-square and custom bed size
  • Paint non-print moves (travel) as full lines (for CNC)
  • And more......

GCodePrintr homepage: