Jan 23, 2016

3D Printed Watch with Tourbillon Mechanism

Christoph Laimer devloped a working 3d printable analogue watch with Tourbillon mechanism.

Here is how he describes his project:
This is a mechanical watch with tourbillon and going barrel. The watch has a Swiss lever escapement, embedded in the tourbillon. It is driven by a 3d-printed spring, and runs 35 Minutes (a wire retraction spring made from steel would perform better). My watch is running with less than 0.5 Seconds deviation within one Minute.
The project demonstrates that the 3D-printing technology is developing. Compared with earlier generations of 3d-printers, the process works more reliable and more accurately.
The watch is designed with Autodesk Fusion 360, and printed with Ultimaker 2.
It is truly a masterpiece and work of great craftsmanship:

You can get all the files and 3d print it yourself:


Here you can see a watchface and a parts of a spring mechanism. Layers of PLA are also clear to see.