Oct 30, 2015

DIY 3D Printed Electric Ducted Fan Engine with Thrust Reversal

Harcoreta made this incredible 3d printed jet engine for RC applications modeled on GE GEnx-1B. It is very detailed Electric Ducted Fan (EDF) motor with NTM 1400kv 35mm brushless motor located inside the core which is cooled by a small impeller. It even features working thrust reversal system.
It was printed on Reprap Prusa I3 at 0.1mm layer height and then smoothed by using an acrylic thinner.

The files of it are not available ... yet

Details of thrust reversal mechanism:

Technical specifications of the model motor:
  • 100mm diameter 18 blade main fan scale looking. 24 outlet guide vanes.
  • 34 mm diamenter 18 blade internal turbine, installed on the back shaft of the motor, It's designed only for cooling the motor. Over this section there are a sequence of stator vanes and supports to optimize the airflow. This internal airflow could produce thrust but in any case it'll be a few grams.
  • Scale looking nacelle, the major differences are the simplified engine pylon and the minor reduction on the exhaust area, about 95% fsa
  • Thrust reverser, complete system with translating cowl, blocker doors and cascades. The most complicated parts that must work.
  • NTM 1400kv 35mm motor. Thrust target > 0.5Kg with 3S or 4S maximum.

Project thread with more information: