Oct 7, 2015

Compilation Of Tutorials On How To Build A 3D Printer Or Small CNC From Junk Parts

Here is a small tutorial links compilation that will grow in the future on how to make a simple and ultra cheap 3d printer or CNC from reclaimed or junk electronic and structural parts. Tutorials are very detailed and will help you to start with this technology, educate someone or save some parts form trash.

Beginners junk optical drive DIY 3d printer 

Instructables guide:


CD/DVD Drive CNC-3D Printer

Here is another machine made from discarded optical drives it is used as small CNC and plotter.

Step-by-step build guide:



This is a hackable 3d printer based on common drawer runners or rails. You can purchase them or take them from junk furniture.

Detailed construction guide:


Rugged and raw DIY style ... it is worth to gut some kitchen cabinets to build it ...