Sep 25, 2015

Form 2 is a New FormLabs Flagship SLA

Formlabs just released Form 2, the new desktop SLA machine. It is a 40% larger 3d printer than its predecessor. You can find all the specs on their page, it wil be priced at 3499 USD range.

Great step forward!

Only thing that drew my attention is their new "Automated Resin Systems". It looks like proprietary cartridge and it has an ID chip. I'm not a big fan of that setup but they claim you will be still able to use and experiment with third party resins in "Open Mode". We will see how this situation develops. If they close their machine so it can only use Fromlabs resin, someone will probably hack it making chip protection obsolete.

There are still no third party reviews or tests.

Update: here is a review by Make:

Introduction video:

Here is the unboxing video:

Detailed Form 2 launch presentation:

Form 2 homepage:


here is a detailed review by Tested where you can see potential problems and print failures: