Sep 15, 2015

Endurance L-Cheapo Laser Engraving and Cutting Attachment

Endurance L-Cheapo is a laser engraver / cutter attachment for your 3d printer or a CNC machine that will greatly expand its capabilities.

Key features:
  • L-CHEAPO is a 445 nanometer diode laser which easily mounts on your 3D printer or CNC mill
  • No additional power supply is necessary, and it will not interfere with normal use of your hardware
  • You can readily switch from laser to print/mill mode, use your existing software (Slic3r, Skeinforge, etc), and with no tools the laser can be removed in about 2 minutes
  • L-CHEAPO can cut paper and wood up to 3/16ths of an inch, and can engrave most non-metallic materials
Tech specs:
  • Laser Type Diode – No export restrictions
  • Laser Output 2100mW ± 15%
  • Focal length 10cm (variable)
  • Laser wavelength 445nm
  • Lens Type Crystal glass
  • Operation time Tested 48 hours continuous
  • Voltage 9-16V DC
  • Current draw 2100mA ± 10%
  • Price: $195 + shipping costs

Videos of L-Cheapo in action:

Here it is cutting acrylic:

Here it is cutting 6mm plywood:

Here is a laser attachment tool head for Ultimaker 2:

Endurance homepage: