Aug 30, 2015

ToyRAP 28BYJ-48 Motor Based RepRap

ToyRAP is a new project which is based on 28BYJ-48 stepper motor making it extremely cheap, it can be built for some 75 euro. It is aimed at education and demonstration purposes.

Project description and technical specifications:
ToyREP is a tiny and inexpensive FFD 3D printer designed mostly as a technology demonstrator or child's toy.
The print volume is 100x100x100mm (125x125x100mm with some upgrades) with a cold bed made of polyacrylate.
Hot end is a E3D clone for 1.75 PLA or ABS filament with 0.4mm noozle.
Using very cheap 28BYJ-48 stepper motors (with Bi-polar hack) in all axis and geared extruder, Arduino Mega 2560 with Ramps 1.4, DRV8825 and modular RepRap construction based on Mendel, Printerbot, Cherry, Prusa i3 and CARP Box ideas.
It is designed to use 12V 40W PSU for LED lights that should fit under bed. Power consumption is currently ca 40W when heating hotend and 15W-20W when printing (Eventually 40W 100x100mm heat bed would rise PSU requirements up to 80W.)

There are many future upgrades planned:
  • LED PSU mount and cover with switch for size 111x78x36mm and 129x99x38mm
  • Frog for print area 125x125mm - uploaded to ToyREP.
  • Bowden extruder mount - uploaded to ToyREP.
  • ZMAX without 608ZZ bearings (to prevent wobbling) - uploaded to ToyREP.
  • Coolers for stepper motors and different motor mount 
  • 40 teeth T2.5 pulleys (require also major changes in frog, carriage, X1 and X2) to achieve higher print speeds (around 25mm/s)
  • Make X1, X2 compatible also with M8 threaded rod or belt driven Z axis instead of threaded rod to speed up Z movement.
  • Adjustable legs
  • 40W 100x100mm PCB heatbed
  • Direct drive extruder
  • Cooler and lights around noozle
  • Fan mount to cool stepper drivers
  • Mount compatible with Prusa Mendel vertical carriage

ToyRep video:

All the files and instructions can be found at: