Aug 16, 2015

Pentarod 5 Axis 3D Printer

Øyvind Kallevik Grutle developed his own 5 axis 3d printer based on RepRap Ormerod where he added additional A and C axis.
Our community is stuck for too long in standard 3 axis design and we need new multiaxial machines to move forward.

Here is what he writes about his project:
This is the result of my master thesis at the University of Oslo, at department for robotics.
The printer is a modified RepRap Ormerod, with two added axis (A and C).
This master thesis have been a proof of concept, but since it was working I decided to try two hypotheses, is it possible to print without support (what you see in this video) and is it possible to make a smooth finish on a surface which are in another plane than the xy-plane (what you see in the two other videos).
All the g-code for these parts are basically hand written (with the help of java). I have been using spherical coordinate system to compute the paths and therefore all the parts are round.
With the exception of the 5-axis system that moves along the y-axis almost all the parts are from the RepRap Pro Ormerod 1.
The videos are at 40X speed.
Hopefully he will open source the build plans soon.

Pentarod in action:

For a more professional five axis machine see:

Source and more information: