Aug 4, 2015

Kamaq 3d printer controller software for embedded Linux systems

Kamaq is a control software that is completely unfamiliar to me. Does anyone have any experiences with it? There are no reviews to be found ...

Kamaq features:
  • Web interface with real-time monitoring and feedback via websockets.
  • Temperature plots for heaters
  • Direct motor control panel
  • Nifty print-speed scale slider to adjust printing speed in real-time
  • Real-time plot of current layer movements in 2D
  • Linux-based RepRap firmware written in Python, with a web-interface in HTML5/JavaScript and websockets. It controls up to 4 stepper motors (axes) via standard USB audio device, end-switches and heaters via GPIO and hw-mon.
Project description:
Kamaq is a 3D-printer (FDM) controller software running on an embedded Linux system. It is capable of controlling a RepRap-style 3D printer, but with different electronics. Stepper motor control is done using a 8-channel (7.1) USB audio device and some class-D audio amplifiers. Endstop switches are monitored via GPIO inputs (interrupt-capable) and temperature control for extruder and heated bed via standard hwmon-compatible ADC's and GPIO-outputs for heater control. The software has a web interface for machine control and monitoring.

RepRap wiki:

Kamaq GitHub repository: