Aug 31, 2015

3D Printing Complex Data Sets of DNA, DEM and Sound

Here is a compilation of few detailed guides on how to design 3d printable objects from complex data like DNA, topological maps and sound.

How to get 3d printable objects from 23andme raw DNA data set

With this tutorial you will be able to take raw DNA data from 23andme DNA analysis and model a 3d printable object in OpenSCAD with a custom plugin.

Detailed guide and software: 3dna code for OpenSCAD

How to 3d print geographical maps, topology, landscape and other geographical data

3DPrintingNinja developed an Instructables tutorial on how to convert DEM (digital elevation model) data into 3d printable objects.

Detailed instructions:

Sonic Sculptures

With this free app you can get 3d models from visualized sound waves.

Download the software and get the instructions here: