Jul 12, 2015

Pyra smart 3d printed oven or advanced heat chamber

Pyra is 3d printed smart oven. It can cook food but it can be used for any process that needs heat chamber. And yes, it is smart, Internet-of-Things device.It is open sourced also! Kudos!

Key features hardware:
  • Built on Fortus 900MC 3D Printer
  • Printed in ULTEM 1010
  • FDA-Approved up to 375˚ F
  • Raspberry Pi + Arduino
  • WiFi Compatibility
  • 12-Bit Digital Temperature Sensor
IoT capability:
  • Thermal Chamber Software
  • Smartphone Compatibility
  • HTML5 Web App
  • Cloud-Enabled
  • Built on Meteor
  • (Framework for Real-Time)
Other features:
  • Designed for Additive
  • Self-Supporting Structure
  • (No Support Material)
  • 80-hour Build Time
  • 3D Printed Heat Exchangers
  • Open Source
How it works:
A 3D printed fan in the base circulates air over heating elements and throughout specialized convective heating systems. The design eschews all the conventional wisdom of traditional manufacturing and embraces the capabilities of 3D printing.
This is evident through the design, from the profile of the complex heating channels to the shape of the smallest part in the heat exchangers 3D printed into the chamber walls. Even the overall shape of the Pyra was dictated by the constraints of FDM—sloping sides of 45 degrees are self-supporting and removing support material from the inside of the labyrinthine ductwork of the Pyra’s interior would be impossible.

Video presentation of Pyra:

Detailed project homepage: